Patient’s Pre-Op Responsibilities

Anesthesia success is determined by your health history, physical condition and the nature of the surgical procedure. We believe that knowledgeable patients make the best patients, and we are here to give you insightful and important information to help reduce medical risk. At the same time, the more accurate and factual the information you provide helps us create the best outcomes. We will call you prior to your surgery and have an important two-way conversation to determine the best approach, as well as seeing you before the surgery. 

Your risks can be best managed by:

  • Give us complete information about your health, habits and medications
  • Carefully follow the pre-operative guidelines you’ll find on this website
  • Follow the instructions we will give you regarding medications you may be currently taking

Answer honestly.

Everything you tell us is confidential, as it is with any physician. Your honesty and willingness to answer all of our questions is your best protection against avoidable risk.

When we speak with you we will ask about a variety of things—family illnesses, surgeries, physical ailments/psychological issues—that may not appear to be directly associated with the surgical procedure you have scheduled. We will also need to know about all of the medications you take, both prescribed and over the counter, like vitamins, allergy pills, herbal remedies, tobacco use, and painkillers. It's important that we know about your use of alcohol and any other drugs they may interfere with the effectiveness of the anesthesia.

In the 2013 Patient Survey 100% of patients questioned said they and their family were given time to ask ALL of their questions about anesthesia and their surgical procedure. 100% also indicated that our providers clearly answered ALL of the questions and explained in detail the type of anesthesia they would experience.