Billing & Payments

What will my anesthesia cost?

The bill you receive from WACS is for anesthesia professional services provided during your procedure. Your anesthesia provider is a specialist just like your surgeon, obstetrician or the pediatrician whose medical services you requested.

Anesthesia charges are not included in any bill that you may receive from your doctors, hospital or other medical facility. You and/or your insurance company will be billed directly by us for your anesthesia care.

Waxahachie Anesthesia currently accepts insurance from all carriers, including Medicare, Medicaid, and other government payers. Some government payers offer limited coverage for some procedures. Medicare patients may be asked to sign an “Advance Beneficiary Notice” prior to their procedure stating they will be responsible for any anesthesia charges.

Health benefit plans, also known as “self-funded” plans, have confusing coverage, deductible and co-pay features.  Please call us today about your coverage or your bill if you have one of these plans.  We’re here to help you navigate these types of plans.

If your surgery is not scheduled “same day” we will make efforts to reach you both the day before and the day of your surgery to explain this situation.

The bill for your anesthesia services will normally arrive four to five weeks after your surgery. Your bill will outline any co-pay obligation you have, as well as indicate any charges not covered by insurance. It will include instructions on payment, and it will provide you with a contact number should you have questions. Please call us if you need help.

Have a “self-funded plan”? Contact us today regarding your coverage for anesthesia.

If you do not have insurance, it is very important that you call us before your surgery so we can discuss how payment for our services will be handled.

Payment for Anesthesia Services

We accept all insurance coverage. As a courtesy to our patients, we will file all charges directly with your insurer or health benefit plan. You remain responsible for any deductibles and/or coinsurance payments. The bill you receive from the hospital includes only charges for the supplies and equipment used by your anesthesia provider during your procedure. Please contact the hospital for questions about these charges. 

If you have any questions regarding our anesthesia professional services, or your coverage under your plan, please call our office at 972-937-7240. We will be happy to assist you.